This newsletter offers a variety of resources designed to support both you and your students throughout the various steps in teaching the Integrative Project program. This first newsletter will focus on the first step of the Integrative Project: choosing. We will publish four newsletters in the course of the school year.

If you are a teacher, pedagogical advisor or a principal we invite you to join the Integrative Project virtual community:

This community offers two different sections:

Video to start off the year

This short video about the Integrative Project might be a good tool to get your students interested in their projects! This is only one of a number of videos available that are closely linked to the different steps in IP. These videos were filmed in classrooms and show teachers and their students in learning situations. For more videos we invite you to visit and subscribe to the following website:

Examples of Integrative Projects

To help you stimulate your students’ creativity and inspire them while they are beginning to work on their Integrative Project, here is a link to a number of examples of projects:

Virtual Classrooms….It sounds appealing to you?

Here are two guides that will help you create virtual classrooms and help you manage them with your students.


In the Teacher Space of the website you will find a section dedicated to the most frequently asked questions during the choosing step of the project.

For any other questions don’t hesitate to contact Vanessa Clements ( resource person for the IntegrativeProject program.