Parents and Integrative Project: What you need to know

You have a child that is already in secondary 5? Well, this year your teenager, in the Integrative Project class, will have to realize a complete project of his or her interest.

In the education program the Integrative Project course involves other cross-curricular competencies since it has as objective to bring students to reflect on what they have learned throughout their high school years and while realizing their project.

Particularities of an Integrative Project

· Chosen in link with the interests of students

· Realized alone or in teams

· Three categories: creation, try out or event

· The project can take any direction

– A written production

– A scientific experience

– A technological object

– A masterpiece

– A musical piece

– A theatrical presentation

– An event

– A sociological study, etc.

· It can be in link with many other sectors (arts, literature, mechanic, carpeting, health, sports, products, etc.)

· Needs resource people (school and personal) to help them with the realisation of the project.

· Parental guidance throughout the project to reassure students.

The four steps of the project: Choosing, planning, realizing, and presenting.

Teacher’s role: Guiding students through the different steps.

School’s role (teachers, principals, etc.): Being present for students. Guide them when needed.

Society’s role (entrepreneurship): When it is possible it is interesting to have students go out in the community with their project. Often, it is when they get out of the school walls that they learn the most.